SKAN Academy

"Learning through experience" is the motto of the SKAN Academy. Based on years of experience providing internal training, SKAN offers customised seminars and certified training in isolator technology and microbiology, for operators as well as for maintenance, calibration and qualification staff.

Customised training

The SKAN Academy proposes comprehensive packages that fit the general customer requirements. These standard packages can be customised to accommodate special requirements.

academy customize

Workshops for special groups
  • „„Operating staff„„
  • Maintenance staff
  • „„Calibration staff„„
  • Qualification staff„„
  • QA members
Workshops for special subjects
  • Decontamination cycle process„„
  • Monitoring data evaluation
  • „„Dealing with positive bioindicators during qualification„„
  • And more!


Brochure: Excellence through Experience - SKAN Academy