Augmented Reality


AR Remote FAT

Due to Covid travel restrictions, SKAN Digital Solutions developed the Augmented Remote FAT application. This solution enabled clients from SKAN to perform the FAT while still being in their office. The FAT is performed locally at the supplier's site by the supplier or local experts contracted by the customer. The customer is connected by AR with full real time view of the FAT and possibility to interact by AR.
The full FAT can be recorded and documented.

Main benefits of this solution:

  • reductions of travel time and costs
  • experts of customer can participate the FAT


AR Operation / Training

Similar approach as with the Remote FAT is followed with the AR Operation / Training: the technician of SKAN is providing the operator of the client detailed and stepwise instructions about the task being performed. The biggest advantage of that solution is the know-how transfer from the OEM to the clients operator!

Main benefits of this solution:

  • increase of production time
  • enhance quality of work
  • reduce risks
  • reduce mistakes
  • less travel costs

product ds ar operation training


Augmented Reality (AR) Remote Support 

Not only do we have a local customer support by SKAN Helpdesk, based in Allschwil (Switzerland) but also remote support for SKAN technicians with access to SKAN experts knowledge database.

  • Increase of production time
  • know- how transfer
  • reduction of travel and waiting time
  • 24/7 virtual on-site support


AR Digital Documentation / Reporting Assistant

This application can be used in many areas, where documentation is needed, e.g. in Labs. The operator is obliged to document every step, which is very often done on paper.
This process, however, causes typos and errors in documentation.
To solve this challenge, SKAN Digital Solution is developing the AR Digital Documentation / Reporting Assistant. This solution is a live voice controlled documentation and reporting tool, which will be full ALCOA+ compliant and enables digital reporting of critical operations.

Main benefits of this solution:

  • full ALCOA+
  • no manipulation of documentation / reporting
  • real time documentation and recording
  • reduce time for documentation

product ds digital documentation


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