SPECTRA Sterility Testing Conference - Worldtour 2021

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SKAN invites you to experience Sterility Testing at a new spectrum!

This exclusive event series is intended to foster conversation and learning about the latest trends in sterility testing and related topics.

SPECTRA users and SKAN experts give practical insights into the working environment, troubleshooting workshops, and the future of training and maintenance of isolators.

Don`t miss this superb networking opportunity with access to expert know-how coming near to your place.


 8:30                  Arrival at location and welcome coffee
 9:00  SKAN introduction
 9:30  Latest trends in sterility testing
 10:30  Coffee break
 11:00  Practical insights into the working environment - a SPECTRA user's experience          
 11:45  Workshop: Good practical work in sterility testing isolators
 12:30  Lunch & networking opportunity
 13:45  Workshop: Glove handling and testing
 14:30  Workshop: Digitalisation and life cycle support / Virtual Reality experience            
 15:15  Coffee break
 15:45  Sterility test pump solutions
 16:45  Q&A
 17:00  Social event & dinner



BRUSSELS: Sep 8 - Register now! for free

Maison de la Produit Dangereux, Rue Picard 5/7, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

Evening Event + Dinner: Atomium

Produits Dangereux 400x200 Atomium Style 400x200


DUBLIN: Sep 15 - Register now! for free

Croke Park, Cusack Stand, Croke Park, St Joseph’s Avenue, Ballybough, Dublin 3, Irland

Evening Event + Dinner: tbd

 Dublin CrokePark Aerial View 400x200 dublin night 400x200


BUDAPEST: Sep 23 - Register now! for free

The Aquincum Hotel, Árpád fejedelem útja 94. H-1036 Budapest

Evening Event + Dinner: tbd

 Aquincum Hotel garden 400x200 Budapest Donau 400x200


BASEL: June 17 - Register now! for free - Event completed

SKAN Headquarters, Binningerstr. 96, 4123 Allschwil, Switzerland

Evening Event + Dinner: Beer Tasting at Feldschlösschen Brewery

  Truck Roadshow new 400x200 Feldschloesschen 400x200


PARIS: June 24 - Register now! for free - Event completed

Manoir de Surville, 82 Rue Bernard Petel, 27400 SURVILLE, France

Evening Event + Dinner: tbd

 Paris Museum 400x200 Paris Museum Rocket 400x200


MUNICH: July 13 - Register now! for free - Event cancelled

Gaszählerwerkstatt, Agnes-Pockels-Bogen 6, 80992 Munich, Germany

Evening Event + Dinner: tbd

 Gaszhlerwerkstatt 400x200 Muenchen marienplatz 400x200



rizzo ruben 230x230 holzer manfred 230x230 Baumgartner Philipp website 230x230

        Ruben Rizzo, SKAN AG                   Manfred Holzer, SKAN AG             Philipp Baumgartner, SKAN AG

Keser Simon website 230x230 Schaefer Stefan 230x230 Ferreira Yoann 230x230

        Simon Keser, SKAN AG                   Stefan Schaefer, SKAN AG                Yoann Ferreira, SKAN AG  

ribstein alain 230x230 fluhr laurent 230x230 Kurt Ismail 230x230 

      Alain Ribstein, SKAN AG                     Laurent Fluhr, SKAN AG                 Patrick Heidinger, SKAN AG

zimmermann fabien 230x230 zimmermann fabien 230x230 Scheibel Michael 230x230

   Florian Trommer, SKAN AG                  Fabien Zimmermann, SKAN AG      Michael Scheibel, SKAN AG

kindscher andreas 230x230 Doriath Christian 230x230 Baumgartner Philipp website 230x230

        Simone Eicher, SKAN AG                Christian Doriath, SKAN AG          Katharina Schlereth, Labor L+S     

Anglana Mauro 230x230 Weibel Claire 230x230jpg Markus Prengel 230x230 grey

          Mauro Anglana, Merck                       Claire Weibel, Merck                      Markus Prengel, Merck


Insides from

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Excited participant voices say:

? "perfect organization, the preparation of the workshop allows for more active exchanges, the container with the isolator was a superb proposal, perfect for questions and technical details"

?‍♀️ "Event really interesting and complete. The staff was able to answer all our questions. A really good opportunity to put the hand in the isolator and test the ergonomy"

?‍ "bring even more technical details (especially if you already know isolators), move a little bit away from a sales event, virtual reality really was a good experience"

?‍? "Very good place, very good animation. It's perfect"

? "It was a pleasure and a lovely place, thanks"


The Tour Dates

June 17, 2021            Basel, Switzerland            English                  Event completed         
June 24, 2021 Paris, France French  Event completed  
July 13, 2021 Munich, Germany German  Event cancelled
Sep 8, 2021 Brussels, Belgium English  Register now!
Sep 15, 2021 Dublin, Ireland English  Register now!
Sep 23, 2021 Budapest, Hungary English  Register now!

March 9 + 11, 2021

Shanghai, China (Rieckermann)


Event completed


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Places are very limited and a pdfCOVID safety concept is in place.




Hable personalmente con los especialistas de SKAN en ferias y congresos.



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