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VarioSys: Flexible solutions for pharmaceutical processing



  • From small-scale production to preparations for the individual patient
  • Aseptic working conditions with the highest sterility assurance
  • Operator safety for working with toxic substances
  • Different filling solutions available
  • Lyophilization process.



The innovative and highly flexible VarioSys® production system for biotech and pharmaceuticals is essentially a combination of two elements: an isolator made by SKAN and machine modules made by Bausch+Ströbel and Harro Höfliger. The system has been designed to provide the utmost flexibility in the production of medications by exchanging modules. The machine modules are simply slotted into place on the “lock-and-key” principle and plugged in. Pharmaceutical production can be extended by adding a suitable freeze-dryer made by GEA.VarioSys® is suitable for a wide range of applications that the manufacturing of clinical samples as well as the production of batches is possible in one installation. All FDA requirements for pharmaceutical production are met.



  • Aseptic production through H2O2 decontamination of the isolator
  • Excellent operator safety thanks to safely exchangeable FIPA return air filters
  • Suitable for many different sizes and types of pre-sterilized packaging material
  • Future processes can be realized because of the high flexibility
  • Fits into room with 3 m / 9.8 ft height and no extra techical floor needed
  • Fast set-up and commissioning within the cleanroom


Available Processes

More processes in development or at your request. Further information can be found on www.variosys.com.


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Download the brochure: VarioSys_EN

Download the study: A flexible and scalable isolator platform for state of the art aseptic processing

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